Protein engineering -> Publications by Gastón Paris, Ph.D.

Botia Rivera, D., Revale, S., Molina, R., Gualpa, J., Puente, M., Maroniche, G., Paris, G. Baker, D., Clavijo, B., McLay, K., Spaepen, S., Perticari, A., Vazquez, M., Wisnieswski-Dyé, F., Watkins, C., Martinez-Abarca Pastor, F., Vanderleyden, J. and Cassán, F.
"Complete genome sequence of the model strain Azospirillum brasilense Az39, successfully applied in agriculture "
Genome Annoucements (2014) En prensa.

Bitrian, M., González, R. H., Paris, G., Hellingwerf, K. J., Nudel, C. B.
"Blue-light-dependent inhibition of twitching motility in Acinetobacter baylyi ADP1: additive involvement of three BLUF-domain-containing proteins"
Microbiology 159 (2014) 1828-1841.

Carrica, M., Fernández, I., Sieira, R., Paris, G., Goldbaum F.A.
"The two-component systems PrrBA and NtrYX co-ordinately regulate the adaptation of Brucella abortus to an oxygen-limited environment"
Molecular Microbiology 88(2) (2013) 222-233.

Esperante, S.A., Paris, G., de Prat Gay, G. M
"Modular unfolding and dissociation of the human respiratory syncytial virus phosphoprotein P and its interaction with the M2-1 antiterminator: a singular tetramer-tetramer interface arrangement "
Biochemistry 51(41) (2012) 8100-8110.

Bonomi, H.R.*, Posadas, D.*, Paris, G.*, Carrica, M., Frederickson, M., Pietrasanta, L.I., Bogomolni, R.A., Zorreguieta, A., Goldbaum, F.A.
"Light regulates attachment, exopolysaccharide production, and nodulation in Rhizobium leguminosarum trought a LOV-histidine kinase photoreceptor"
Proceedings National Academy of Science USA 109 (2012) 12123-12128.
* Los autores contribuyeron igualmente en este trabajo.

Carrica, M., Fernández, I., Martí, M.A., Paris, G., Goldbaum F.A.
"The NtrY/X two-component system of Brucella spp. acts as a redox sensor and regulates the expression of nitrogen respiration enzymes"
Molecular Microbiology 85 (2012) 39-59.
(Este artículo se publicó junto con un Microcommentary: Redox-responsive regulation of denitrification genes in Brucella. Roop II, M. R., Caswell, C. C. Mol Microbiol 85: 5-7.)

Rinaldi, J., Gallo, M., Klinke, S., Paris, G., Bonomi, H.R., Bogomolni, R.A., Cicero, D.O., Goldbaum, F.A.
"The β-scaffold of the LOV domain of the Brucella light activated histidine kinase is a key element for signal transduction. "
Journal of Molecular Biology 420 (2012) 112-127.

Ratier, L., Urrutia, M., Paris, G., Zarebski, L., Frasch, A.C., Goldbaum, F.A.
"Relevance of the diversity among members of the Trypanosoma cruzi transialidase family analized with camelids single-domain antibodies"
Journal of Molecular Biology 3(10): e3524 (2008).