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Andrés Charris-Molina, Gabriel Riquelme, Paula Burdisso, Pablo A. Hoijemberg*
“Tackling the Peak Overlap Issue in NMR Metabolomics Studies: 1D Projected Correlation Traces from Statistical Correlation Analysis on Nontilted 2D 1H NMR J-Resolved Spectra”
Journal of Proteome Research 18, 5 (2019) 2241-2253

A. Zelcer, L. M. Saleh Medina, P. A.Hoijemberg, M. C. Fuertes
"Optical quality mesoporous alumina thin films"
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2019) en prensa

P.A. Hoijemberg,* I. Pelczer
“Fast Metabolite Identification in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Metabolomic Studies: Statistical Peak Sorting and Peak Overlap Detection for More Reliable Database Queries”
Journal of Proteome Research 17 (1) (2018) 392-401

P.A. Hoijemberg,* S.L. Ralston
“Differentiation of Dry Animal Feeds Using 1D NMR, Multivariate Data Analysis and Statistical Total Correlation Spectroscopy from Successive Solvent Extractions”
Current Metabolomics 2 (4) (2014) 272-280

Pappalardo,* P.A. Hoijemberg, I. Pelczer, T.A. Bailey
“NMR-Metabolomics Study on Falcons Affected by Aspergillosis”
Current Metabolomics 2 (2) (2014) 155-161.

P.A. Hoijemberg, R.A. Moss, D.V. Feinblum, K. Krogh-Jespersen
O-Ylide and π-Complex Formation in Reactions of a Carbene with Dibenzo and Monobenzo Crown Ethers”
The Journal of Physical Chemisty A 118 (32) (2014) 6230-6238

R.A. Moss,* L. Wang, P.A. Hoijemberg, K. Krogh-Jespersen
“Visualizing Carbene Equilibria”
Photochemistry and Photobiology 90 (2) (2014) 287-293

P.A. Hoijemberg, R.A. Moss,* K. Krogh-Jespersen*
"Solvent Polarity Effects on Carbene/Ether−O-Ylide Equilibria”
The Journal of Physical Chemisty A 116 (19) (2012) 4745–4750

P.A. Hoijemberg, R.A. Moss,* K. Krogh-Jespersen*
“Reversible O-Ylide Formation in Carbene/Ether Reactions”
The Journal of Physical Chemisty A 116 (1) (2012) 358–363

P.A. Hoijemberg, A. Chemtob,* C. Croutxé-Barghorn, J. Poly, A.M. Braun
“Radical Photopolymerization in Miniemulsions. Fundamental Investigations and Technical Development”
Macromolecules 2011 44 (22) 8727–8738

P.A. Hoijemberg, A. Chemtob,* C. Croutxé-Barghorn
“Two Routes TowardsPhotoinitiator-Free Photopolymerization in Miniemulsion: Acrylate Self-Initiation and Photoactive Surfactant”
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics. 212 (22) (2011) 2417–2422

Simoncelli, P.A. Hoijemberg, M.L. Japas, P.F. Aramendía*
“Proton Transfer from 2-Naphthol to Aliphatic Amines in Supercritical CO2
The Journal of Physical Chemisty A 115 (50) (2011) 14243–14248

P.A. Hoijemberg, J. Zerbs, C. Reichardt, D. Schwarzer, C.A. Chesta, J. Schroeder, P.F. Aramendía*
“Photophysics and photochemistry of an asymmetrically substituted diazene: a suitable cage effect probe”
The Journal of Physical Chemisty A 113 (19) (2009) 5531–5539

P.A. Hoijemberg, J. Zerbs, M.L. Japas, C.A. Chesta, J. Schroeder, P.F. Aramendía*
“Cage effect in supercritical fluids and compressed gases in the photolysis of an asymmetrically substituted diazene”
The Journal of Physical Chemisty A 113 (18) (2009) 5289–5295

P.A. Hoijemberg, S.D. Karlen, C.N. Sanramé, P.F. Aramendía,* M.A. García-Garibay*
“Photolysis of an asymmetrically substituted diazene in solution and in the crystalline state”
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 8 (7) (2009) 961–969

P.S. Antonel, P.A. Hoijemberg, L.M. Maiante, M.G. Lagorio*
“The Kinetics of Dissolution Revisited”
Journal of Chemical Education 80 (9) (2003) 1042–1043