CIBION has two Spectrofluorimeters

GNAFor time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy measurements. Excitation and emission variable angle prism monochromator and polarizers Excitation: With pulsed diodes. Variable frequency from 10 kHz to 1 MHz Wavelengths: 282; 337; 373; 402 (*); 457; 495; 559; 573; 605; 653 (*) nm. Pulses from 1.0 to 1.5 ns (FWHM), except (*) <200 ps. Detection: 250 to 850 nm Operating modes: Temporary decay; spectra resolved in time, anisotropy.





PTI QuantaMaster 40

Steady state spectrofluorimeter, high sensitivity and performance (S / N> 10000: 1). Allows for luminescence excitation and emission measurements at steady state, including polarized spectra.



Emission and excitation spectra between 190 and 900 nm.
Emission polarization.
Emission lifetime, emission spectra resolved over time with time resolution of 100 ps.

Solid and liquid samples are received.


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