Transmitting the advances in microscopy

Martín Bordenave on TecTV

It´s online the participation of Martín Bordenave, member of CIBION, in the cycle of short films "Yo Quiero", on TecTV channel.

Martín Bordenave was interviewed in 2013.

It´s online on TecTv, the MINCYT´s TV channel, the series “Yo Quiero”, a group of interviews  with PhD students.

Martín Bordenave, CONICET doctoral fellow and member of CIBION, took part in this program. “The idea was to explain about our work area, why it was relevant, and how we expected to evolve”, he says. And adds: “The film was made in 2013, a year before Stefan Hell receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy.  Therefore our vision for the future of the technique is absolutely reaffirmed”. Here the complete interview.

The STED microscopy we use at CIBION is fully operational, and is available for the entire scientific community through the National System for Microscopy.