nanoMateriales Híbridos y Estructurados: publicaciones del  Dr. Andrés Zelcer

  • M. Florencia Tebele, Gastón Paris, Andrés Zelcer. "Plasmonic inhibition of bacterial adhesion on gold-decorated mesoporous zirconium oxide thin films", Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 2023, 113576,
    ISSN 0927-7765, Leer publicación


  • Zelcer, A., Drisko, G.L., Soler-Illia, G. Bicontinuous Porosity By Spinodal Phase Separation. In: Médici, E.F., Otero, A.D. (eds) Album of Porous Media. (2023). Springer, Cham. Leer publicación


  • Paula Y. Steinberg, Nicolás I. Krimer, Gabriela P. Sarmiento, Darío Rodrigues, Cristián Huck-Iriart, Daniel Clemens, Andrés Zelcer & Martín Mirenda
    "Ibuprofen molecular aggregation by direct back-face transmission steady-state fluorescence"
    Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences (2022). Ver publicación


  • J. Morrone, J. I Ramallo, D. F. Lionello, A. Zelcer, B. Auguié, P. C. Angelomé, M. C. Fuertes
    "Incorporation of porous protective layers as a strategy to improve mechanical stability of Tamm plasmon based detectors"
    Materials Advances 2 (2021) 2719-2729. Ver publicación


  • Franceschini, E.A., Giménez, G., Lombardo, M.V., Zelcer, A., Soler-Illia, G.J.A.A.,
    "Nanoencapsulation of isotropic and anisotropic particles through a green chemistry aerosol method: a scalable approach for ad-hoc surface tuning"
    Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology (2021) 


  • Andrés Zelcer, Esteban A. Franceschini, M. Verónica Lombardo, Anabel E. Lanterna, Galo J. A. A. Soler-Illia
    "A general method to produce mesoporous oxide spherical particles through an aerosol method from aqueous solutions"
    Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, vol. 94, pages 195-204  (2020). Ver publicación


  • A. Zelcer, L. M. Saleh Medina, P. A.Hoijemberg, M. C. Fuertes
    "Optical quality mesoporous alumina thin films"
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 287 (2019) 211-219. Ver publicación


  • M. M. Linares Moreau, E. D. Martínez , M. C. Fuertes, A. Zelcer, F. Golmar, P. N. Granell, P. E. Levy, G. J. A. A. Soler Illia, L. P. Granja
    "Microscopic Electrochemical Control of Ag Nanoparticles into Mesoporous TiO2 Thin Films"
    Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123(6) (2019) 3579–3587. Ver publicación


  • I. L. Violi, V. Luca, A. L. Soldati, H. Troiani, G. J. A. A. Soler-Illia, A. Zelcer
    “Rapid preparation of block copolymer templated mesoporous Zr1-X CeX O2 thin films” 
    RSC Advances 7 (2017) 26746-26755. Ver publicación


  • Gabriela P. Sarmiento, Andrés Zelcer, Mariela S. Espinosa, Paola A. Babay, Martín Mirenda.
    "Photochemistry of imidazolium cations. Water addition to methylimidazolium ring induced by UV radiation in aqueous solution."
    Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 314 (2016) 155-163. Ver publicación


  • Ianina L. Violi, Andrés Zelcer, Mariano M. Bruno, Vittorio Luca, Galo J. A. A.Soler-Illia
    "Gold Nanoparticles Supported in Zirconia–Ceria Mesoporous Thin Films: A Highly Active Reusable Heterogeneous Nanocatalyst.
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 7 (2015) 1114-1121. Ver publicación


  • Néstor Ghenzi, Diego Rubi, Eliana Mangano, Gustavo Gimenez, J. Lell, Andrés Zelcer, Pablo Stoliar, Pablo Levy.
    "Building memristive and radiation hardness TiO2-based junctions."
    Thin Solid Films 550 (2014) 683-688. Ver publicación


  • Tamara Botazzi, Florencia Cecchi, Andrés Zelcer, Bennoît Heinrich, Bertrand Donnio, Daniel Guillon,Fabio D. Cukiernik.
    "Thermotropic mesomorphism of mixed-valent diruthenium aliphatic carboxylates with axial anion bearing two aliphatic chains."
    Journal of Coordination Chemistry 66 (2013) 3380-3390. Ver publicación


  • Andrés Zelcer, Florencia Cecchi, Pablo Alborés, Daniel Guillon, Bennoît Heinrich, Bertrand Donnio, Fabio D. Cukiernik
    "A convenient synthesis of a 2,7-difunctional tetra(alkoxy)triphenylene involving 4,4´-diacetoxy-3,3´-dialkoxybiphenyl as a key precursor and its conversion to extended hybrid mesogenic compounds."
    Liquid Crystals 40 (2013) 1121-1134. Ver publicación


  • Andrés Zelcer, Galo J. de A. A. Soler-Illia.
    "One-step preparation of UV transparent highly ordered mesoporous zirconia thin films.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (2013) 1359-1367. Ver publicación


  • Andrés Zelcer, Xindong Wang, Rachel A. Caruso, Galo J. de A. A.Soler-Illia
    "Synthesis and Photocatalytic Activity of Titania Monoliths Prepared with Controlled Macro- and Mesopore Structure, Glenna L. Drisko."
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 4 (2012) 4123–4130. Ver publicación


  • Paula C. Angelomé; Isabel Pastoriza-Santos; Jorge Pérez-Juste; Benito Rodríguez-González, Andrés Zelcer; Galo J. A. A. Soler-Illia; Luis M. Liz-Marzán.
    "Growth and branching of gold nanoparticles through mesoporous silica thin films."
    ACSNanoscale 4 (2012) 931–939. Ver publicación


  • Glenna L. Drisko, Andrés Zelcer, Rachel A. Caruso, Galo J. de A. A. Soler-Illia.
    "One-pot Synthesis of Silica Monoliths with Hierarchically Porous Structure."
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 148 (1) (2012) 137–144. Ver publicación


  • A. A. Soler-Illia, P. C. Angelomé, M. C. Fuertes, A. Calvo, A. Wolosiuk, A. Zelcer, M. G. Bellino, E. D. Martínez.
    "Mesoporous Hybrid and Nanocomposite Thin Films. A Sol-Gel Toolbox to Create Nanoconfined Systems with Localized Chemical Properties."
    Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 57(3) (2011) 299-312. Ver publicación


  • Glenna L. Drisko, Andrés Zelcer, Vittorio Luca, Rachel A. Caruso and Galo J. de A. A. Soler-Illia.
    "One-Pot Synthesis of Hierarchically Structured Ceramic Monoliths with Adjustable Porosity."
    Chemistry of Materials 22(15) (2010) 4379–4385. Ver publicación


  • Zelcer, Andrés; Wolosiuk, Alejandro and Soler-Illia, Galo.
    "Carbonaceous submicron sized islands: a surface patterning route to hierarchical macro-mesoporous thin films."
    Journal of Materials Chemistry 19(24) (2009) 4191-4196. Ver publicación


  • Cukiernik, Fabio Daniel; Zelcer, Andrés; Garland, Maria Teresa and Baggio, Ricardo.
    "Halogen bonding in 1,2-Dibromo-4,5-dimethoxy-benzene and 1,2-Diiodo-4,5-dimethoxy-benzene."
    Acta Crystallographica Section C Volume C64(2008) o604-o608. Ver publicación


  • Zelcer, Andrés; Donnio, Bertrand; Cukiernik, Fabio D. and Guillon, Daniel.
    "Mesomorphism of hybrid siloxane-triphenylene monomers and oligomers."
    Chemistry of Materials 19(8) (2007) 1992-2006. Ver publicación


  • Chaia, Zulema D.; Zelcer, Andrés; Donnio, Bertrand; Rusjan, Marcia; Cukiernik, Fabio D. and Guillon, Daniel.
    "Mixed valence diruthenium (II,III) aliphatic carboxilates: columnar mesophases in dodecylsulphate and octylsulphonate derivatives."
    Liquid Crystals 31 (2004) 1019-1025. Ver publicación


  • Zelcer, Andrés; Chaia, Zulema D; Cukiernik, Fabio D.; Catellano, Eduardo E. and Piro, Oscar E.
    "A liquid crystal derived from ruthenium(II,III) and a long-chain carboxylate."
    Acta crystallographica Section C Volume C58 (2002) m144-m146. Ver publicación


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  • Bourgogne, Cyril; Bury, Izabella; Gehringer, Lionel; Zelcer, Andrés; Cukiernik, Fabio Daniel; Terazzi, Emmanuel; Donnio, Bertrand; Guillon, Daniel.
    "Molecular dynamics simulations of liquid crystalline dendritic architectures". En Advances in the Atomic-Scale Modeling of Nanosystems and Nanostructured Materials. Volumen 795 of the series Lecture Notes in Physics pp 99-122 pp 99-122 (ISBN 3642046495). Editado por Carlo Massobrio, Herve Bulou y Christine Goyhenex y publicado por Springer-Verlag New York, LLC en febrero de 2010. Ver publicación