Coloquios en el CIBION

Sergej Fatikow - Jueves 8 de mayo 11:00 hs

Division for Microrobotics & Control Engineering (AMiR). University of Oldenburg. Germany

Robotics for Nanoscale

Current research activities in AMiR focus on the development of new technologies for robotic operation at nanoscale, including a.o. the design of nanohandling robots, the investigation of novel automated nanohandling strategies; and the investigation of suitable real-time sensing technologies at nanoscale. In his talk, Prof. Fatikow provides a comprehensive introduction of this new reasearch field and defines the key research problems to be solved. He specially addresses his current work on automated nanohandling inside a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The latter serves as a powerful vision sensor and the work space for nanohandling robots integrated into the vacuum chamber and equipped with application-specific tools. Major research issues of this work regarding the implementation of the main system components – the piezo-driven nanohandling robots, the robot control system, the sensor feedback – are discussed. Finally, he presents the major research projects and applications being pursued in AMiR. They include automated nanoassembly of CNT-enhanced AFM tips, handling and characterization of graphene flakes, automated fabrication of versatile nanohandling tools, and automation issues in AFM-based nanohandling.