Virulence factors of bacteria isolated from sugarcane plants

The researcher from the Institute of Science and Technology Dr. César Milstein visited the CIBION and told what her research on sugarcane consists of.

Natalia Mielnichuk, PhD in Biology (Autonomous University of Madrid) and assistant researcher at the molecular phytopathology laboratory of the Dr. César Milstein Institute of Science and Technology, visited the Center for Research in Bionanosciences (CIBION) on August 4 to give a seminar.

During her presentation, the scientist spoke about two microorganisms isolated from sugarcane with symptoms of leaf scald: Xanthomonas albilineans (Xa) and Xanthomonas sacchari (Xs). It should be noted that this is a disease that affects the quality of sugarcane juice. It is a crop that is present in more than 130 countries, especially in tropical and subtropical regions.

Meilnichuk explained that Xa is the responsible agent of the disease, while the association of Xs with sugarcane is still unclear: it has been described as a pathogenic, non-pathogenic bacterium and even as a biological control agent. Thus, she presented results on the production of virulence factors, epiphytic survival and interaction with sugarcane of both species. "These results led us to consider comparative genomics studies, as well as the interaction between both bacteria in order to understand the possible role of Xs in the development of leaf scald", she highlighted.

The title of her seminar was “Virulence factors of bacteria isolated from sugarcane plants with leaf scald symptoms”.