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CIBION launches a contest to work in the laboratory. You have time until May 31 to apply.

The Center for Research in Bionanosciences (CIBION - CONICET) calls for a contest to cover the position of Professional for maintenance, development and operation of optical microscopes.

The tasks that the person who enters the position will carry out will be:

  • Maintain operative and updated optical and atomic force microscopes.
  • Develop software for instrument control and data acquisition.
  • Manage and make compatible the use of the laboratory in relation to the different experiments and users.
  • Assist users in measurements and data processing
  • Plan and make purchases of equipment and supplies.

Those who apply must be university graduates of physics, chemistry, biology, pharmacy and biochemistry, electronic engineering, materials, mechanics, electromechanics, electrician and/or similar.


Applications can be made until May 31.

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For inquiries, send an email to