02/09/2014 | Coloquios en el CIBION
Andreas Faust – Jueves 4 de septiembre 11:00 hs
Head of Working Group Chemistry. European Institute for Molecular Imaging. Münster, Germany.

The EIMI – Molecular imaging from mice to men

On the basis of existing excellence in cardiovascular molecular imaging at the University of Münster and huge diagnostic challenges being present in the cardiovascular field (e.g. molecular imaging of atherosclerotic plaques), EIMI focuses its scientific work on the development of new molecular imaging approaches to study molecular processes in vessels and the heart. Moreover, other major disease areas of our society such as inflammation, neurodegeneration and oncology will be tackled. Successful molecular imaging can only be achieved by an interdisciplinary effort involving medicine, biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer sciences and physics to grow the molecular imaging technology in all of its aspects and challenges. These are amongst the identification of suitable molecular targets, the development of target-affine imaging probes and their validation, the optimization of imaging devices over preclinical studies to clinical studies and application in diagnostic algorithms. I will exemplify our work and give some impressions of the EIMI and his network inside the University of Münster.

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