07/08/2017 | Coloquios en el CIBION
Bruno Siarry – Viernes 25 de agosto 11:00 hs

Manipulation of coherence in InAs/GaAs quantum dots in resonant pump-probe experiments

Firstly, I should quickly present my research project as a postdoc here at Cibion, on superresolution microscopy. I will then present my PhD research, focused in InAs/GaAs quantum dots (QDs). These structures, behaving as “artificial atoms”, present exceptional carrier coherence properties, of interest for quantum information. After a long introduction about QDs, I’ll introduce an novel experiment, using an heterodyne detection, allowing the study of smaller ensembles of QDs. This experiment is used to fully characterized the fine electronic structure of undopped QDs, which is modified by the application of a longetudinal magnetic field. Finally, we demonstrate that this magnetic field allows to shift the phase of the quantum beats observed when the system is excited coherently.

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Department Chemie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Group Prof. Tinnefeld
Marie Skłodwska-Curie Fellow, Experimental Solid State Physics Imperial College London
Directora del Laboratorio de Desarrollo Analítico y Quimiometría (LADAQ), Cátedra de Química Analítica I de la FBCB, Universidad Nacional del Litora
Grupo de espectrometría de masas bioanalítica - CIBION CONICET