An entire night for Argentine science

The CIBION was part of the scientific event held at C3, attended by more than 3 thousand people.

Tobías Ledesma, Mariano Dellarole y Yanina Godoy

On Friday November 3rd, the first edition of “The Night of Argentine Science” was held at the Cultural Center of Science (C3). During the event, which was attended by more than 3,000 people, the research and work of different organizations of the country's National System of Science, Technology and Innovation was presented.

The Bionanoscience Research Center (CIBION) was one of the institutes of the Scientific and Technological Pole that took part in the event. Several of its research groups were part of the different proposals offered by this CONICET research center.

The CIBION scientific staff was divided into three work tables. In the first one, the medicinal and supramolecular chemistry groups showed what the process is like for a medicine to get from a laboratory to a home medicine cabinet. For its part, the applied nanophysics group presented an exhibition focused on explaining how light is transmitted from one point to another. In addition, the virus biophysics team showed what the interaction between artificial intelligence and viruses is like, with a special focus on dengue, through interactive activities that were linked to the effect of viruses on the human body, on the one hand, and how certain proteins relate to each other, on the other.

Lucía López and Florencia Edorna

It should be noted that, among other organizations, the Computational Simulation Center (CSC) and the Biomedicine Research Institute of Buenos Aires (IBioBA), two CONICET institutes located in the Scientific and Technological Pole, were also part of the sample.