GNAPrincipal Researcher:

Mariano Dellarole, Ph.D.
T: +54 11 4899-5500 int 6506




In this lab we try to understand viruses by studying their proteins using biochemistry and biophysical techniques. We focus in endemic viruses regarding their maturation process and manifestation in the blood of patients. We study the mechanisms and energetics of protein structure, folding and binding with an eye into the introduction of novel antiviral drugs and better diagnostics.

Facundo Gallo - Ph. D. candidate
Yanina Godoy - UTN

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Flamand, Marie;  Park Kyu-Ho Paul;  Benfrid, Souheyla; Tamietti, Carole, Voss, James; Coulibaly, Fasséli; Duong, Veasna; Dussart, Philippe, Sakuntabhai, Anavaj; Giai Gianetto, Quentin; Matondo, Mariette; Dellarole, Mariano; Bontems, François; Rey, Félix
Publication NumberWO/2021/058809;  Publication Date01.04.2021; 

International Application No.PCT/EP2020/077014; International Filing Date 25.09.2020


“Glycan-Glycan Interaction Determines Tropism toward Human T Lymphocytes”
Belotserkovsky I, Brunner K, Pinaud L, Rouvinski A, Dellarole M, Baron B, Dubey G, Samassa F, Parsot C, Sansonetti P, Phalipon A. MBio 2018


“The bright and the dark side of human antibody responses to flaviviruses:lessons for vaccine design”
Rey FA, Stiasny K, Vaney MC, Dellarole M, Heinz FX. EMBO Rep.2017 


“High-Resolution Mapping of a Repeat Protein Folding Free Energy”
Fossat MJ, Dao TP, Jenkins K, Dellarole M, Yang Y, McCallum SA, Garcia AE, Barrick D, Roumestand C, Royer CA Biophys. J.2016 Dec; 111 (11) 2368-2376


“Unusual Reversible Oligomerization of Unfolded Dengue Envelope Protein Domain 3 at High Temperatures and Its Abolition By a Point Mutation"
Saotome T, Nakamura S, Islam MM, Nakasawa A, Dellarole M, Arisaka F, Kidokoro S, Kuroda Y Biochemistry 2016 Aug; 55(32) 4469-75


“Evolutionarily Conserved Pattern of Interactions in a Protein Revealed by Local Thermal Expansion Properties"
Dellarole M, Caro JA, Roche J, Fossat M, Barthe P, García Moreno E B, Royer CA, Roumestand C J.Am.Chem.Soc.2015 Jul ;137 (29);9354-62


“Exploring the Protein Folding Pathway with High-Pressure NMR:Steady-State and Kinetics Studies”
Roche J, Dellarole M, Royer CA, Roumestand C. Subcell.Biochem (2015)  72:261-78


“Molecular basis for bacterial peptidoglycan recognition by LysM domains,”
Mesnage S, Dellarole M, Baxter NJ, Rouget JB, Dimitrov JD, Wang N, Fujimoto Y, Hounslow AM, Lacroix-Desmazes S, Fukase K, Foster SJ, Williamson MP. Nat Commun 2014 ;5:4269


“Measuring residual dipolar couplings at high hydrostatic pressure: robustness of alignment media to high pressure”
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“High-pressure fluorescence applications,"
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“Low-cost equilibrium unfolding of heme proteins using 2 μl samples"
Guca E, Roumestand C, Vallone B, Royer CA, Dellarole M. Anal. Biochem. 2013. Dec; 443; (1) 13-5