rmnPrincipal Researcher:

Pablo Ariel Hoijemberg, Ph. D.
T: +54 11 4899-5500 int 6502


Application of nuclear magnetic resonance in the field of metabolomics for biomarker identification and early disease detection. Application of nuclear magnetic resonance in the development of methodology for the analysis of complex mixtures. Application of nuclear magnetic resonance in the study of soft materials.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS - Full list of publications

“Fast Metabolite Identification in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Metabolomic Studies: Statistical Peak Sorting and Peak Overlap Detection for More Reliable Database Queries”
P.A. Hoijemberg,* I. Pelczer. Journal of Proteome Research 17 (1) (2018) 392-401

“Differentiation of Dry Animal Feeds Using 1D NMR, Multivariate Data Analysis and Statistical Total Correlation Spectroscopy from Successive Solvent Extractions”
P.A. Hoijemberg,* S.L. Ralston. Current Metabolomics 2(4) (2014) 272-280.

“NMR-Metabolomics Study on Falcons Affected by Aspergillosis”
L. Pappalardo,* P.A. Hoijemberg, I. Pelczer, T.A. Bailey. Current Metabolomics 2 (2) (2014) 155-161
M. Eugenia Monge, CIBION-CONICET
István Pelczer, Princeton University (Princeton, NJ, EUA).
Sarah L. Ralston, Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ, EUA).
Lydia I. Puricelli, Área Investigación-Instituto de Oncología “Ángel H. Roffo” (CABA, Argentina).
- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
- Multivariate Data Analysis
- Time Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance