GNAPrincipal Researcher:

Prof. Pedro F. Aramendía, Ph.D.
T: +54 11 4899-5500 int 5622
E: pedro.aramendia@cibion.conicet.gov.ar


Molecular fluorescence by itself and enhanced by interaction with metallic nanoparticles is used to characterize environments at the molecular level as well as to monitor their dynamics. For this aim spectral properties, anisotropy, and fluorescence lifetime are studied down to the single molecule level.
Dr. Alan Szalai - Postdoc
Dr. María Victoria Cappellari - Postdoc
Luis Fernando Marcano Garcia - PhD candidate
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS   -   > Full list of publications

"Influence of the Glass Transition on Rotational Dynamics of Dyes in Thin Polymer Films. Single Molecule and Ensemble Experiments"
B. Araoz, A. Carattino, D. Täuber, C. von Borczyskowski, P. F. Aramendia Journal of Physical Chemistry A 118 (2014) 10309-10317.

"Mapping the fluorescence performance of a photochromic – fluorescent system coupled with gold nanoparticles at the single molecule – single particle level"
S. Simoncelli, M. J. Roberti, B. Araoz, M. L. Bossi, P. F. Aramendía Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (19) (2014) 6878-6880

"Probes for Nanoscopy: Photoswitchable Fluorophores"
P. F. Aramendía, M. L. Bossi in Far-Field Optical NanoscopySpringer Series on Fluorescence DOI 10.1007/4243_2012_39 P. Tinnefeld (Ed.)

"The mechanism of the photochromic transformation of spirorhodamines"
H. Montenegro et al. Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 11 (2012) 1081-1086

"Cage Effect in Poly (alkyl-methacrylate) Thin Films Studied by Nile Red Single Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy"
B. Araoz et al. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (2012) 7573–7580

"Detection of low quantum yield fluorophores and improved imaging times using metallic nanoparticles"
L. C. Estrada et al. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (2012) 2306-2313

"Photomodulation of macroscopic properties"
M. L. Bossi, P. F. Aramendía Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology C 12 (2011) 154-166

"Freezing Single Molecule Dynamics on Interfaces and in Polymers"
S. Krause et al. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 13 (2011) 1754-1761
Mariano Bossi - Dto. Química Inorgánica, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA, Buenos Aires)
Cristian von Borczyskowski - Dept. of Physics, Technical University of Chemnitz (Alemania)
Susana Silberstein - IBioBA-Max-Planck Society Partner, CONICET (Argentina)
Teresa D. Z. Atvars - Instituto de Química (UNICAMP, Campinas)
Oscar Martínez. - Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA, Buenos Aires)
Valeria Levi - Dept. Química Biológica, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA, Buenos Aires)
Florencia Gillanders