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What do we do in the biopolymers laboratory?

Leonardo Lizarraga comments what does he do in his lab.

Modulation of galectin-glycan interactions in inflammatory and neoplastic intestinal pathologies

The researcher explained what galectins are and how they influence some intestinal diseases.

Konex Prize will be awarded to CIBION’s director

Stefani was recognized as one of the most prominent scientists of the last decade.

Would you like to join us?

CIBION launches a contest to work in the laboratory. You have time until May 31 to apply.

Study of the immunostimulatory activity of Galectin-8 and its potentials applications

Tribulatti gave a seminar about Galectins, a group of important proteins in the regulation of the immune response and that are targets for drug development.

CIBION members attended a scientific congress

CIBION members attended a Congress where they presented the latest advances in their research.

Tools for the determination of the microdistribution of 10B in the framework of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)

CNEA researchers gave a seminar on a therapy investigation using boron.

Metalostasis and homeostasis of reactive sulfur species in bacteria

Dr. Daiana Capdevilla gave a seminar in which she explained her knowledge about the latest advances in her research in her laboratory at the Leloir Institute.

The CIBION has a new phd

Gabriel Riquelme, a CIBION fellow, defended his doctoral theses on the development of new methods to automate procedures in metabolomic studies.

Seminar about metabolomics

The academic Ian Castro-Gamboa spoke about the development of metabolomics in the framework of his visit to Argentina.

Seminar about the development of treatment against Chagas

María Cruz Mollo gave a seminar about a possible treatment for Chagas disease, an endemic disease that affects millions of people.

What are dengue and chikungunya

Contagion happens after a mosquito bite. The CIBION medicinal chemistry laboratory works to inhibit these viruses.