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What is Dengue?

There is a record of cases of this disease transmitted by a mosquito. CIBION works in search of understanding of this condition

An entire night for Argentine science

The CIBION was part of the scientific event held at C3, attended by more than 3 thousand people.

A NASA researcher visited the CIBION

The researcher explained which are the steps when the samples from the asteroid Bennu reach Earth.

A CIBION fellow obtained his Phd

He obtained his doctoral thesis after defending his work entitled "Tools to improve the identification of metabolites in NMR metabolomics using 2D J-resolved.s spectra"

A CIBION researcher presented a paper about data evaluation

The scientist attended an international event in which she spoke about the latest metabolomics techniques.

Modulating the activity of cylindrical proteases to control infections caused by chlamydia

The researcher referred to the most common sexually transmitted pathogen in the world.

Thermometry in plasmonic systems and in vivo monitoring of neuronal processes in Drosophila: two new optics laboratories in Argentina

The scientist Julián Gargiulo gave a seminar in which he described two of his lines of research.

Seminar about reflectometry

Andrés Zelcer gave a seminar about X-ray reflectometry and summarized the advantages and disadvantages of these techniques.

From polymeric networks to nanostructures: the challenges of the route between the laboratory and the prototype

PhD Cristina Hoppe  give a seminar for CIBION's Staff.

A CIBION fellow won first prize at a Physicochemistry Congress

Luis Marcano received the award for best poster at the XXIII Argentine Congress of Physical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry.

What do we do in the biopolymers laboratory?

Leonardo Lizarraga comments what does he do in his lab.

Modulation of galectin-glycan interactions in inflammatory and neoplastic intestinal pathologies

The researcher explained what galectins are and how they influence some intestinal diseases.