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Cibion’s members went to Annual Meeting of Argentine Society of Biophysic (SAB)

Scientists of the Centre for Research in Bio Nanosciences (CIBION) attended the Annual Meeting of the Argentine Society of Biophysic (SAB).

CIBION and IBIOBA launch a research about circular RNA

Center for Bionanoscience Research (CIBION) and Institute of Research in Biomedicine (IBIOBA) will share a scientific project in order to study the effects that circular RNAs could have in the nervous system.

A CIBION PHD fellow presented her research at a Biosciences Congress in Argentina

Oriana Beraldi, a PHD fellow and a member of the CIBION’s supramolecular chemistry group, went to the annual meeting of the Biosciences Society (SAIC - SAFIS - SAI).

A physicist trained at CIBION was award for the best doctoral thesis

Luciano Andrés Masullo, a young scientist who made his doctoral scholarship at CIBION between 2016 and 2021, received the Juan José Giambiagi Award, given by the Argentinean Physics Association. This award is meant to recognize an outstanding work in the development and approval of a physics’ doctoral thesis in Argentina.

A Cibion researcher is the new vice-president of the SAEM

Dr. María Eugenia Monge, head of the Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry group at CIBION, was appointed vice president of the Argentinean Mass Spectrometry Society (SAEM). Her designation was made during the IV Mass Spectrometry Argentinean Conference (IV CAEM) that was held in San Luis on October 26-28. 

Virtual Issue " Scents and Flavors of Mass Spectrometry in Latin America"

XI Congreso Argentino de Química Analítica

XI Congreso Argentino de Química Analítica

MSACL's Course

MSACL's Course

Participation in the Early-Career Members Network Webinar Series of the Metabolomics Society

17° annual conference of the Metabolomic Society