Konex Awards

Konex Prize will be awarded to CIBION’s director

Stefani was recognized as one of the most prominent scientists of the last decade.

Fernando Stefani, deputy director of the Center for Research in Bionanosciences (CIBION - CONICET), was distinguished as one of the 100 most outstanding personalities of the last decade in Science Technology of Argentina (2013 - 2022) by the Grand Jury of the Konex Fundation.

Stefani was awarded into the “Nanosciences and analytic chemistry” category along with four other colleagues and researchers. According to the methodology established to the Konex Awards, it was chosen as the 100 most outstanding personalities of the last decade  in Science and Technology. It is important to say that there are 20 different categories and 5 persons chosen into each category. 

The Grand Jury is made up of 20 outstanding personalities. It is chaired by Alberto Kornblihtt, Mirta Roses and Juan Martín Maldacena.

The Konex Awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday, September 12. After the awards ceremony, the Grand Jury will choose from each of the quintets of the categories the personality with the most significant trajectory. These 20 people will receive the Platinum Konex. Among them, the one who has stood out the most will be selected, this being the winner of the Konex Brillante, the highest award given by the aforementioned institution.