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Alan M. Szalai, Natalia G. Armando, Federico M. Barabas, Fernando D. Stefani, Luciana Giordano, Sara E. Bari, Claudio N. Cavasotto, Susana Silberstein*, Pedro F. Aramendía*
"A fluorescence nanoscopy marker for corticotropin-releasing hormone type 1 receptor: computer design, synthesis, signaling effects, super-resolved fluorescence imaging, and in situ affinity constant in cells"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (2018) 29212-29220

A. Szalai, L. Giordano, V. M. Sánchez, T. D. Z. Atvars, M. Faleiros, E. Jares-Erijman, P. F. Aramendía
“Temperature dependent spectroscopic and excited state dynamics of 3-hydroxychromones with electron donor and acceptor substituents” 
Methods and Applications in Fluorescence 5 (2017) 024011 DOI: 10.1088/2050-6120/aa6ec0

Florencia Gillanders, Luciana Giordano, Sebastian Diaz, Elizabeth A. Jares-Erijman y Thomas M. Jovin
“Photoswitchable fluorescent diheteroarylethenes: substituent effects on photochromic and solvatochromic properties”
Photochemical and Photobiology Science 13 (2014) 603-612

Sebastian A. Diaz, Luciana Giordano, Julio C. Azcárate, Thomas M. Jovin y Elizabeth A. Jares-Erijman
“Quantum Dots as Templates for Self-Assembly of Photoswitchable Polymers: Small, Dual-Color Nanoparticles Capable of Facile Photomodulation”
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (2013) 3208-3217

Giudice, J.; Guaimas, F.; Giordano, L.; Jares-Erijman, E.A. y Coluccio Leskow, F.
“Insulin and insulin like growth factor II endocytosis and signaling via insulin receptor B”
Cell Communication and Signaling 11 (2013) art 18, 1-15

Sebastián A. Díaz, Luciana Giordano, Thomas M. Jovin, Elizabeth A. Jares-Erijman.
“Modulation of a Photoswitchable Dual-Color Quantum Dot containing a Photochromic FRET Acceptor and an Internal Standard”
Nano Letters 12 (2012) 3537–3544

Jack Manchester, Dario M. Bassani, Jean-Louis H. A. Duprey, Luciana Giordano, Joseph S. Vyle, Zheng-yun Zhao, James H.R. Tucker.
“Photocontrolled Binding and Binding-Controlled Photochromism within Anthracene-Modified DNA”
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (2012) 10791–10794

Luciana Giordano, Volodymyr V. Shvadchak, Jonathan A. Fauerbach, Elizabeth A. Jares-Erijman and Thomas M. Jovin.
“Highly solvatochromic 7-aryl-3 hydroxychromone”
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 3 (2012) 1011-1016

S. A. Díaz, G. O. Menéndez, M. H. Etchehon, L. Giordano, T. M. Jovin, E. A. Jares-Erijman.
“Photoswitchable Water Soluble Quantum Dots: pcFRET Based on Amphiphilic Photochromic Polymer Coating”
ACS Nano 5 (2011) 2795-2805

M. J. Roberti, L.Giordano, T.M Jovin, E.A. Jares-Erijman.
“FRET imaging by kt/kf” Comunicación dedicada en memoria de Theodor Förster en el centenario de su nacimiento.
Chem. Phys. Chem 12 (2011) 563-566

L.Giordano, C.T. Hoang, M. Shipman, J.H.R. Tucker, and T. Walsh.
“Aziridine Scaffolds for the Detection and Quantification of Hydrogen Bonding Interactions via Transition State Stabilization”
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 50 (2010) 741-744

Miskoski. S.; Giordano, L.; Etchehon, M.; Menéndez, G.; Lidke, K.A.; Hagen, G.; Jovin, T.M. and Jares-Erijman, E.A.
“Spectroscopic modulation of multifunctionalized quantum dots for use as biological probes and effectors”
Proceedings of SPIE 6096 (2006) 1-8

L. Giordano, R.J. Vermeij and E.A Jares-Erijman.
“Synthesis of indole-containing diheteroarylethenes. New probes for photochromic FRET (pcFRET)”
ARKIVOC part (xii) (2005) 268-281

E. Jares-Erijman, L. Giordano, C. Spagnuolo; K. Lidke and T. M. Jovin.
“Imaging Quantum Dots Switched On and Off by Photochromic Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (pcFRET)”
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 430 (2005) 257-265

E. Jares-Erijman, L. Giordano, C. Spagnuolo, J. Kawior, R.J. Vermeij and T.M. Jovin.
“Photochromic fluorescence resonance energy transfer (pcFRET): formalism, implementation, and perspectives”
Proceedings of SPIE 5323 (2004) 13-26

L. Giordano, T. M. Jovin, M. Irie and E. A. Jares-Erijman.
“Diheteroarylethenes as thermally stable photo-switchable acceptors in Photochromic Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (pcFRET)”
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (2002) 7481-7489

L. Giordano, J. Macareno, L. Song, T.M. Jovin and E.A Jares-Erijman.
“Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer using spiropyran and diarylethene photochromic acceptors”
Molecules 5 (2000) 591-593

E. Cafferata ,A. González Guerrico, L.Giordano, O.H. Pivetta and T.A. Santa Coloma.
“Interleukin-1beta regulates CFTR expression in human intestinal T84 cells”
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1500 (2000) 241-248

Book chapters
E.A. Jares-Erijman, C. Spagnuolo, L. Giordano, M. Etchehon, J. Kawior, M.V. Mañalich-Arana, M. Bossi., D.S. Like, J.N. Post, R.J. Vermeij, R. Heintzmann, K.A. Lidke, D.J. Arndt-Jovin and T.M Jovin.
"Novel (bio)chemical and (photo)physical probes for imaging living cells"
in Supramolecular Structure and Function vol. 8 (Ed.) G. Pifat-Mrzljak, Kluwer Academic, Netherlands, 2004, 99-118