The Mass Spectrometry Laboratory   has two liquid chromatography equipment coupled to mass spectrometers:

1) The ultra high performance liquid chromatography equipment is an ACQUITY model UPLC I-Class from Waters Corp. coupled to a high resolution mass spectrometer, Xevo G2S Q-TOF from Waters Corp., which has a source of Electrospray ionization (ESI) and an Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI) that are interchangeable. MassLynx 4.1 Software (Waters Corp.)




2) The high performance liquid chromatography equipment is a
Waters Corp. model Alliance e2695 HPLC system, coupled to
a 2998 photodiode array detector and a Waters Corp. model
SQD2 quadrupole analyzer mass spectrometer with source
ofionization by ESI and APCI. MassLynx 4.1 Software (Waters Corp)





3) Direct Real Time Analysis ionization source (DART, Ionsense Inc.) to couple to the high resolution mass spectrometer.






For the preparation of the samples there are: • Countertop microcentrifuge, M-240R, BOECO • Telstar LYOQuest-85 Freeze Dryer • Ultrasound team, Elmasonic S.

The services are billed through the High-Level Technological Services (STAN) CONICET, whose Technological Linking Unit (UVT) is the IBYME Foundation.

For the determination of exact mass and molecular formula by direct injection of the sample, it is requested to send approximately and exactly 1mg of sample. In addition to informing the PM and the structure, it is important to mention in which solvent the sample is soluble. We have the following LC-MS quality solvents: methanol, acetonitrile and isopropanol.

For analysis by LC-MS it is necessary to send the chromatographic column. In the case of samples from academic institutions, to make use of the mass spectrometry service, a shift reservation must be made in the shift management system of the  Sistema Nacional de Espectrometría de Masa.

For queries about tariffs and equipment availability:

Technical Manager: Dra. Mariela Videla

Scientific Manager: Dra. María Eugenia Monge