Tribute to former director

Event in honor of Dr. Pedro Aramendia

The former director of CIBION received a warm tribute to his career during an event organized at the Faculty of Exact Sciences of the UBA.

Dr. Pedro Aramendia, former director of CIBION, was honored last December 16th, at the Faculty of Exact Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires.

Owner of a brilliant career dedicated to research and teaching, Aramendia was followed to the event by more than 40 professionals, disciples and collaborators, not only from Argentina but also from other parts of the world, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil and the United States. . Everyone agreed that Pedro not only stands out for his scientific achievements, but also for his generosity and camaraderie, leaving a deep personal mark on those who worked with him throughout his career.

Born on December 18th, 1955, in Buenos Aires City, he graduated in chemistry in 1979 at UBA and, four years later, he obtained a PHD, also in Chemistry. Between 1985 and 1987, he did his postdoctoral stay with Dr. Silvia Braslavsky at the then Max-Planck Institute for Radiation Chemistry (Mülheim Ruhr, Germany). Since his return to Argentina, he became a CONICET researcher.

From 1990, he started teaching physical chemistry in the Inorganic Chemistry Area of FCEN UBA. He also was a professor in Germany and Brazil. He has carried out numerous international scientific collaborations with groups from Brazil (UNICAMP), USA (UCLA), Germany (Mülheim Ruhr, Göttingen, Jülich, Berlin, Chemnitz), Canada (Ottawa) and Spain (Barcelona). He was a member of advisory and directive commissions of CONICET, FCEN, UBA and ANPCyT (Ministry of Science and Technology), Argentina.

From 2012 he was the director of CIBION and the group of fluorescent probes until his retirement in March 2022.

Thank you, Pedro!